Stan Stitchwell Clothing

At Stan Stitchwell Clothing, we strive to: 

1) Exceed expectations through our style.

We want our clothing to be a reflection of who you are. Oftentimes, a department store look won’t cut it. Fashion isn’t something that we take lightly and neither should you.

2) Represent corporate and street fashion.

When you look in the mirror, you see a hustler and a businessman. Why pick one when you can be both?

3) Strive to make an impression within the community.

News reports display dead-beat dads and young black kids in handcuffs. But really, there are model fathers and young black leaders throughout the community inspiring others.

Our goal is to make a statement for the black community through clothing like no one has ever done before. You can be street without being a gangster. You can be corporate without being a sell-out. We want to show the world that Black Superman exists and he’s mentoring and leading everyday. Over and over we see that nobody is making an effort to be the voice for black men and communities like ours. Stan Stitchwell clothing is that voice.


Let your clothes do the talking.

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